3D Artist / Contact: Yacine.BRINIS.3D@Gmail.com
Béjaïa, Algeria


As a seasoned 3D Artist with a rich tapestry of 9 years in the industry, my craft revolves around the intricate realms of 3D modeling and digital sculpting. Zbrush serves as my primary medium, allowing me to breathe life into a diverse array of creations, spanning characters, props, assets, environments, and buildings. My passion finds expression in the dynamic worlds of games, collectibles, mobile games, TV shows, and cinema, where each project becomes an opportunity to weave immersive narratives through the artistry of 3D design. With a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, I bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every endeavor, ensuring that each sculpted element contributes to a seamless and visually compelling final product.

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01-3D Modeling:
-High-poly and low-poly modeling
-Hard surface and organic modeling
-Character and creature modeling
-ZBrush sculpting
-Digital clay modeling
-Character detailing and refinement
-UV mapping
-PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texturing
-Hand-painted textures
-Efficient and clean topology
-Retopology for animation and optimization
05-Software Proficiency:
-Expertise in industry-standard software like Autodesk 3DS Max, ZBrush, Keyshot, and Photoshop
-Experience with rendering engines (Keyshot, V-Ray)
-Lighting and shading for realistic results
07-Character Design:
-Conceptualizing and translating 2D concepts into 3D characters
-Collaboration with concept artists
08-Pipeline Knowledge:
-Understanding of the 3D production pipeline
-Collaboration with other departments like concept art, animation, and game design
09-Problem Solving:
-Ability to troubleshoot and find creative solutions
-Adaptability to different project requirements
10-Portfolio Development:
-Creating and maintaining a strong portfolio
-Showcasing a diverse range of characters and styles
11-Communication Skills:
-Collaborative team player
-Effective communication with cross-functional teams
12-Industry Trends:
-Staying updated on the latest trends and technologies in 3D character art
13-Project Management:
-Time management and meeting project deadlines
-Juggling multiple projects simultaneously

Artistic Skills:
01-Anatomy Knowledge:
-Understanding human and creature anatomy is crucial for creating realistic and believable 3D sculptures.
02-Sculpting Techniques:
-Proficiency in various sculpting techniques such as carving, smoothing, and detailing to bring characters and objects to life.
03-Composition and Design:
-Ability to create visually appealing and well-balanced compositions, paying attention to proportions and aesthetics.
03-Understanding Form and Volume:
-Mastery of representing three-dimensional forms and volumes to create depth and realism in sculpts.
04-Texturing and Painting:
-Knowledge of painting techniques to add textures and colors to the sculpture, enhancing the final result.

Technical Skills:
-In-depth knowledge of ZBrush's interface, tools, and features is essential. This includes understanding brushes, layers, subdivisions, and other essential functions.
-Understanding how to create a clean and efficient topology for 3D models, especially for animation and rendering purposes.
- Skill in unwrapping and mapping 3D models to create UV layouts for texturing purposes.
-Paying close attention to details, especially when working on intricate parts of a model. This is crucial for achieving realism and high-quality sculpts.
-Working efficiently to meet project deadlines while maintaining the quality of the sculpture.
-Working in a team, effective communication is key to understanding project requirements and collaborating with other artists and team members.

Email: Yacine.BRINIS.3D@Gmail.com
Phone number: +213 558 179 183
Viber / Whassup: +213 558 179 183

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Software proficiency

3ds Max
3ds Max
After Effects
After Effects
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Marmoset Toolbag
Marvelous Designer
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  • 3D Character Artist at Self Employed
    Bejaia, DZ
    September 2021 - Present

    As a 3D artist, my primary responsibility is to create three-dimensional visual content for various industries, including gaming, film, animation, advertising, Collectibles, and more.

    My work involves using specialized software and tools to design, model, texture, and render 3D assets, props, Characters, and environments. Here's a more detailed breakdown of what i might do as a 3D artist:

    -Conceptualization and Planning:

    Collaborate with clients, art directors, or production teams to understand project requirements.

    Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute creative ideas for visual elements.


    Create 3D models of characters, objects, or assets using modeling software such as ZBrush and 3DS Max.

    Pay attention to details, proportions, and overall aesthetics to achieve the desired look.


    Apply textures and materials to the 3D models to give them realistic surfaces.

    Consider factors like color, reflectivity, and transparency to achieve the desired visual effect.


    Set up virtual lighting to enhance the visual appeal of the scenes.

    Consider the mood and atmosphere of the project when determining lighting conditions.


    Use rendering software such as Keyshot to generate the final 2D images or animations from the 3D scene.

    Optimize rendering settings for quality and efficiency.


    Apply post-processing effects to enhance the final output, such as color correction, compositing, and special effects.

    -Quality Assurance:

    Review my work for visual errors, consistency, and adherence to project specifications.

    Make necessary adjustments based on feedback from clients or art directors.


    Work closely with other team members, including artists, animators, and designers, to ensure cohesive project development.

    Communicate effectively with clients to understand and address their needs.

    -Portfolio Development:

    Update and maintain a portfolio showcasing my best work.

  • 3D Character Artist at Silverfox Creative Studios
    Dongguan, CN
    March 2017 - September 2021

    Working as a 3D artist in the collectible industry involves creating detailed, realistic three-dimensional models of collectible items, such as action figures, toys, and other assets. These 3D models are typically created using 3D modeling software such as ZBrush, and 3DS Max.

    My responsibilities as a 3D Character artist in this industry may include:

    - Creating 3D Models: I am responsible for creating detailed 3D models of the collectible items. This could involve creating characters, props, and other elements from concept art and reference images and materials.

    - Texturing and Lighting: After creating the 3D models, I applied textures, materials, and lighting to make the models look realistic. This is a crucial part of the process as it brings the 3D models to life.

    - Collaboration: I often work closely with other members of the team, such as designers, sculptors, and art directors. They may also work with marketing and sales teams to create promotional materials and product visuals.

    - Project Management: I am also responsible for managing my own projects, ensuring to meet deadlines and are of high quality. I may also be involved in the broader project management for the collectible, coordinating with other departments and teams.

    I have a strong portfolio demonstrating my ability to create realistic and detailed 3D models. I also have a good understanding of industry-standard software and am able to work efficiently under deadlines while maintaining attention to detail.

    In addition, I am also involved in other aspects of the product development process, such as providing feedback on the product's design, participating in brainstorming sessions, and helping to develop new innovative and creative communication solutions.

    As a 3D Character Artist, I worked on multiple projects such as the T800 Terminator, Batman Arkham Knight, T-Rex, The Reptile, The Batmobile, Rovio Entertainment Characters, Warhammer Characters, Bumblebee, Tarzan, Gorilla, and Gantz.

  • 3D Artist at Freelancer.com
    Bejaia, DZ
    June 2015 - February 2017

    As a freelancer 3D artist, I worked on a variety of projects, such as creating models, textures, and UVs for games, working with artists to create new assets, and collaborating on various projects. I worked on creating sculptures using materials such as clay, wood, and metals, and used 3D modeling, texture mapping, and other techniques for creating graphics, visual effects, and animations.

    I have a strong interest in the arts and multimedia, worked for media production firms, created animations and graphics, and collaborated with animators and other artists.

    my role as a freelancer 3D Artist was to bring a client's ideas into a tangible 3D space. This is often done by following a brief and creating a piece of work that reflects that brief. I may also work on hand-drawn work and use the latest computer software such as ZBrush. 3DS Max, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Keyshot, Blender, and After Effects.

    I created a portfolio showcasing my best work. Include a variety of projects that highlight my skills and style. I established a strong online presence through social media platforms such as Deviantart, ArtStation, Behance, Sketchfab, CG Trader, Dribble, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Freelancing as a 3D artist provides the opportunity for creative freedom and the ability to choose projects that align with your interests. It's essential to continuously improve my skills, market myself effectively, and maintain positive client relationships to thrive in the competitive freelance market.

    I created the visual elements of video games, including characters, environments, and objects. They might work on creating new assets, improving existing ones, or developing new levels

    I created 3D models, textures, and animations for films, TV shows, and commercials.

    I created 3D models for marketing materials, such as product packaging or advertisements. These models can help potential customers visualize the product and make a purchasing decision